Chicago marathon 2015


We are thrilled to tackle our second marathon and to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the second year in a row. (You can read more about that journey here

As you probably know, diabetes is a disease that has impacted our family. Kirstin’s dad was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was a teenager, and in December of 2013, our son Owen was diagnosed at age 9. Type 1 diabetes has no known cause and no known cure

Last year, we ran to raise over $4,000 for Kirstin’s dad’s memorial scholarship fund to provide diabetes camp sponsorships via Camp Joslin and Camp Barton. These camps provide invaluable education and bonding experiences for children and teens living with diabetes, and Owen has been to three different programs there with various members of our family, so we’ve seen firsthand how beneficial their work is

This year, we are happy to turn our efforts toward diabetes research. There have been many technological advances, for which we are grateful, but we need more than just help with managing the disease. We need to cure it.

Boston’s Joslin Clinic wants to cure it, too, so we are happy to join their marathon team this year to raise money for their research efforts. Running with a fundraising team will be a new experience for both of us, and we are excited to be part of a larger group working toward a common goal. Joslin Diabetes Center, based in Boston, Massachusetts, actually managed Kirstin’s dad’s care when he was first diagnosed. He used to talk fondly of going to Joslin for treatment and then heading to Fenway for a ballgame. Joslin’s mission is to prevent, treat and cure diabetes, and their vision is a world free of diabetes and its complications. Of course, this is the world we want for our son and others living with this disease.

However, please do not think we have abandoned the Dr. Thomas N. Pesola Memorial Scholarship Fund. In fact, for every dollar donated to our Joslin Clinic fundraiser on this page, we will donate 50 cents toward Kirstin’s dad’s scholarship fund for camp sponsorships. This way, we will keep sending kids to camp as we work toward a cure! No donation is too small, and every donation is tax-deductible. Thank you for your support. We will think of you and your kindness, especially when those 26.2 miles seem like a million!