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In 2015, fund moved to exclusively support camp scholarships in partnership with Diabetes Education, Inc. Thank you for your interest and efforts to honor Tom and benefit the diabetic community. Tom's daughter, Kirstin, and son-in-law, Brendan, are running the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon (their second year in a row!) for the Joslin Clinic and to build money fund to benefit future campers at money center for Diabetes Education, Inc. Cause dear to their hearts as parents of a Type 1 diabetic who has attended two camps at Barton in his first year with diabetes, and because the Joslin Clinic is where Tom went for his care after diagnosis. See our Chicago Marathon page for more information!

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His world turned upside down again during the spring of his senior year when he learned his girlfriend was pregnant. Together they made the decision to put the baby up for adoption so that they could pursue their college educations and the child could have a better life than what they could provide.

Despite these diversions from his path, when Tommy graduated in 1967, he did so as the valedictorian of his class on his way to Northeastern University. Having diabetes benefitted Tom in some respect because it sparked his interest in the health care profession and qualified him, along with his academics and financial need, for a scholarship from the Massachusetts Rehab Commission, which helps fund college educations for those with medical disabilities. With this funding, Tom was able to graduate from Northeastern in 1972 with a B.S. in pharmacy.

Eventually he decided that he did not want to be on the retail side of health care and that he would rather sell services than products. However, as a diabetic, he didn’t think he could handle the rigorous training, internships, and residencies involved with becoming a medical doctor. Tom wanted a more structured life to accommodate his needs, so he pursued dentistry. After he and his college sweetheart Joni married in the summer of 1972, they packed up and headed to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Once again, Tom’s health status and academics helped him receive a scholarship for a portion of his dental school career, and he worked as a pharmacist to afford the rest of the tuition. He graduated with his D.D.S. in 1976, in the top 15 out of his class of 135. Tom and Joni soon moved back to Massachusetts, and Tom worked in a dental practice in West Peabody. Shortly after, daughter Kirstin was born, followed by Kara five years later. Tom enjoyed his involvement in their activities, including serving as a Future Problem Solving coach for the Danvers middle school team Kirstin competed with and coaching Kara’s team with the Danvers Girls Softball league.

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